Join us in developing great kids and great technique in a warm, nurturing and all-inclusive environment! Our goal is to create good people along with great dancers!

Our studio focuses on developing people along with technique. We are a Recreational Studio that values honesty, integrity and a safe place for learning. We include all dancers from ages 2-70 in our studio and commit to giving them the best we have to offer. We're looking for a few great people who'd like to share in our vision of "Creating Beautiful Dancers One Step at a Time!" Do you have a passion for Dance that must be shared? Do you think you have something special to share with our Dancers? Join us in our journey!


We have 3 studios in our "built for dance" facility that are 30' x 50' with floated Marley floors. We can handle large classes easily and safely making your instructing experience extremely rewarding. And we encourage experimentation with our instructors and our students because Growth for Everyone is our goal! We want everyone developing to the best of their potential-especially our teachers.


And most of all, we want to have fun! We spend a significant amount of time and energy at the studio. And we want this time to be enjoyable for everyone-once again, especially for our instructors. And yes, those unicorns are our teachers and staff-Best Staff Dance Ever!!

In order for our students to develop to their full potential, they need to be having fun, working hard, and feeling safe in what they're doing and where they are. Our goal is to give them what they need to be the best "them" they can be. And keeping our staff happy and growing is the best way to do that. So we're committed to making you the best instructor you can be!