7 Day All You Can Dance Pass!!

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Dance can change your life. And we'd like to show you how. With our 7 Day Dance Pass you can try anything from Ballet to Hip Hop. Take as many classes as you'd like in one week and let us show you the joy of Dance!


We have classes for Adults, Toddlers and everyone in between. Let us help you find your passion. Click the get started link, fill out the form and we'll contact you to schedule your first class

We can't wait to meet you!

 "Classes at Next Step are a good confidence building experience for young dancers. My nine year old granddaughter LOVES Next Step. This will be her third year there and she has previously taken three classes - all good!! The recital is fabulous - such a good experience."  Gina, grandmother

What makes Next Step Special?

Different Priorities

Our culture values individual excellence over medals or trophies. At Next Step we believe dance is for everyone and everyone has the potential to be amazing. Our goals are to help our students to learn how to find the best in themselves, every day.

True Adult Classes

True adult-only classes with levels from beginners to advanced. Adults who've never danced before and those who are returning to the floor can experience the camaraderie and find the fitness and technique goals they desire.

"This was my daughter's first year at Next Step and she is very clingy, that's why I wanted to put her in a class setting with other children and teachers. Miss Nora was her instructor and was very good with her and understanding. At recital my daughter was having a moment because I wasn't there. I think she was nervous. Miss. Nora went above a beyond to make her feel safe and comfortable. My daughter told me this! ...So thank you so much Miss Nora and Next Step for letting us be apart of your family."   Sara, mother

"I feel like the people are welcoming and there is a large selection of fitness opportunities for adults !!! Think it's too late to learn to dance??? Think again !!!"   Laurie, adult

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"We love Mommy and Me with Ms. Nora! We started a new session last night and Paisley was dead set on putting her “ballerina” shoes on in the car and going to “tance class” instead of daycare this morning!"  Lauren, mother

"Dance has been a huge part of my granddaughters lives. Next Step Dance Centre has filled that position and then some. The time the teachers take to work with their dancers whether individually or in groups is just part of it. They are patient and encourage them to do the best they can and always strive for more. They teach them to be confident in themselves."  Angela, grandmother